How to check IPO Results in Nepal? [4 Easy ways to see IPO Result]

If you still do not know how to check IPO is allotted to you or not and which is the fastest way to see the IPO result, then this article is for you.

Before reading the article you must have your Demat account number (BOID) with you. If you don’t know where to find it. Click here

Checking IPO Results in Nepal is very easy. If you are reading this article it means you are also seeking an easy way to check whether Share Allotted to you or Not. then don’t worry this article will help you and You are At The Right Place. Some of the Top Best Ways of Checking Initial Public Offering (IPO) result is mentioned below.

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Here is the answer of How to check IPO Result in Nepal.

1. Find IPO issue manager

How to check IPO result

If you want to see IPO result after published you need to find IPO issue manager of the Company. Every company should choose one IPO manager to list their IPO in the First Market / MeroShare. When the company publishes their IPO result you can see the result on the IPO issue manager’s website first. You also can see IPO result from Mero share Dedicated IPO result website but it take few minutes or hours to update.

Pros: You can quickly see IPO results after being published in IPO issue Manager website than Mero share.
Cons: There are too many IPO issue managers. so, you have to find it.
Click here to see the Upcoming IPO results.

2. Mero Share (IPO Result)

Mero Share has launched its new website to check IPO result. With the help of this new website, we can check the IPO Results when published. It is one of my Favourite Methods to know either I have Allocated With Shares or Not.
Pros: You can see IPO result of all companies in one place.

Cons: it will take a few minutes or hours to update IPO results. You can see IPO result faster in IPO issue manager’s website.
Click here to visit Mero Share IPO result check page

3. Mero Share

To Check the IPO result from the Mero Share web You Must log in at first with your Mero share Username and Password. you can follow this website to check IPO results.

Cons: It takes too long time to update your IPO result is Allotted or not. You can find IPO result.
Click here to Visit Mero Share

4. Mero Lagani

Mero Lagani is well reputed website for Company/share market News and Share market training. Here is another way to Check IPO result. To check the IPO result with the help of the Mero Lagani website you must remember your Demat number (BOID). Simply you can follow below link and easily check your Ipo result.
Click here to Visit Mero Lagani IPO result check page

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