All Nepali Calligraphy Fonts Download

Calligraphy fonts is also popular typography The word “Calligraphy” comes from the Greek, which means “beautiful writing”. Calligraphy or the art of fictional writing has thousands of years in its history and development. They are of aesthetics, refinement, creativity and pure beauty.

For different scripts, for example Hindi, Chinese or Arabic, they developed their own method of calligraphy style. However, Western calligraphy and Chinese or Arabic calligraphy have strict rules and forms with a geometric order of lining on the page, each character with a specific order of strokes.

Calligraphic fonts look like creative elegant handwriting. They often appear to have been drawn with flat point pens or brushes. Calligraphic fonts are widely used in weddings, event invitations, original logos, Traditional / religious art, movies, television, etc.

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