Samsung Galaxy A01 review: just a basic smartphone?

Samsung is the largest Android smartphone producer company. Samsung is known as a branded smartphone company but Nowadays Samsung has also focused on Mid range and low budget smartphone to compete with Chinese smartphones company.

Among the members of the Samsung Series A, we find a representative with a discreet profile and basic characteristics. It is the Samsung Galaxy A01, one of the devices with lighter specifications that seeks a place in the lower part of the mid-range, according to the aspirations of the company itself. If you ask us, it is in a lower category, especially for a couple of features that no longer fit in the mid-table segment.

Next, we present the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy A01, a device with light technical characteristics that will only be suitable for users looking for an inexpensive smartphone for basic tasks.

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Advantages of Samsung Galaxy A01

Design: A smartphone for those looking for portability

Understanding that we cannot demand too much of it, the Samsung Galaxy A01 is presented as an entry device that stands out for its portable nature. In an industry where we are increasingly seeing larger terminals, this mobile has very contained dimensions of just 146.2 mm long x 70.9 mm wide x 8.3 mm thick. Also, its weight of 149 g makes it a very easy mobile to hold and store in your pocket.

Display: Notch, the star

The Samsung Galaxy A01 has a decent screen. We did not expect much more for the category where it is developed, in addition to incorporating the famous notch, which is still a trend and that we can already find in practically all ranges. Nothing to reproach him in this regard if we consider the profile and the price.

Photography: Double camera in a segment where you can’t see too much

On the other hand, the most modest smartphone of Samsung’s Series A wants to be noticed in its segment within the photographic section. The reality is that it does not go any further than what very limited hardware allows; however, it may be slightly above most of its rivals for its dual rear camera. The reality is that we do not usually find a pair of glasses within the segment, something that will attract the attention of some users.

Battery: Correct autonomy for the user of light use

Given the technical specifications, its 3,000 mAh battery is more than enough to power the equipment throughout the day. A light-duty user should have no problem putting it to charge overnight and reaching the end of the next day doing their usual browsing, communication, and production activities.

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Disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy A01

Design: Feels cheap

It does not hide that it is a low-end smartphone. Its manufacture is in plastic and, although the grip is quite good, it conveys that feeling that we are facing a cheap device. On the other hand, we find it ridiculous that the brand has placed the speaker on the back, with all the disadvantages that this represents when it comes to playing multimedia content or our favorite songs.

Screen: A Contradictory Approach

The theme of the notch to house the front camera responds to a purely aesthetic theme to make the front design more attractive. On paper, it is a resource to achieve better use of this area, however, the tremendous lower bevel goes in the opposite direction. While the upper part projects “something” of modernity, the lower part bursts that impression in one fell swoop.

Storage: 16 GB is useless

Without a doubt, its 16 GB of internal memory reflects its low profile and the audience it is aimed at. Although it is possible to expand with microSD, this figure is too conditioned and forces you to have well-established cleaning habits so as not to suffer for space. Even being a light user, you will likely have some difficulties in this section, so it will be mandatory to use the external card.

Performance and photography: The right thing and little else

For the price, you should not expect to find an outstanding result in any area. The above includes performance, browsing experience, interface, and photography. The reality is that it offers you the right thing in its category, joining a market with equipment for low-profile users who are not too interested in photographic quality, the most powerful performance, the best autonomy of aesthetic refinement. If you are looking for functionality at an affordable price, this may be an option.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Is it a good buy?

The Samsung Galaxy A01 is not a bad smartphone for its segment, but the logo of the Korean company makes the product more expensive. For example, for a little more money it is possible to get a smartphone like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, which offers a considerably superior experience in any field, through an elegant design, a complete photographic experience, and a performance that goes above what the average user requires. In any case, we present you the 2 options in our purchase recommendations.

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